Simri-Writing for Artists

Simri-Writing is a program that was originally developed for the purpose of improving self-understanding, organizing thoughts, and ability to express oneself. It is also very effective in psychotherapy, so it is a program with excellent performance enough to be used in the most difficult sexual psychotherapy among various psychotherapy. In particular, Simri-Writing for Artists is a program developed exclusively by Korea Institute of Sexual Psychology to improve the skills needed by artists such as the ability to express oneself and grow spiritually and include them in their works. It is the best program for helping artists develop professionally. 

■ Course structure

Day 1 - Simri-Writing Practice 

Day 2 - Designing basics of a work 

Day 3 - Understanding Simri-Writing 

Day 4 - Designing a work through Simri-Writing 

Day 5 - Understanding of Thoughts 

Day 6,7 - Preparing to communicate with the public

■ What you get from the course

ㆍUnderstanding yourself and understanding what you want to express 

ㆍHow to put your soul into a work of art 

ㆍHow to create your own original artwork 

ㆍHow to be constantly inspired 

ㆍHow to communicate with the public

ㆍHow to solve artistic concerns and express your worries as art.

■ Who should attend? 

ㆍArt and design college students and graduates 

ㆍArtists and designers

■ Registration process

 1. Complete the application form 

2. We will provide you with payment instructions

3. After payment is completed

4. You will receive confirmation of registration & a detailed guidance

Artists, please come to Seoul, Korea to study Simri-Writing for Artists.

The Simri-Writing for Artists course is conducted in English.

Application form

Korea Institute of Sexual Psychology 

378, Achasan-ro, Gwangjin-gu,

Seoul, Republic of Korea 

 ·Tel : 82-2-6012-1992 



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